My friends and I and my whole generation (well at least some of us with a mind): lost, confused and utterly directionless.
To make things worse; my first heartbreak.
A good friend rounded up all of my friends and took me to a blues bar: Crossroads in Esselen street, Sunnyside Pretoria (in order to drink cry and get over her)
We were underage but the featuring artist stood “Pa” for us.
And there, that night, we found direction.
We were not alone. He was singing our thoughts, our hearts and minds
We found hope. We found pride and re-established self-love and dignity.
We realized we were worthy as Afrikaners.
It’s my time, as well as the friends that were there that night,to now return this immense favour - and we are so gratefull for this opportunity.
He will never understand the impact and hope he gave us. We found hope again in his songs.
The time has come to return the favour.

Thank you Piet Botha - We sincerely hope our gift will be worthy.


- Vickus Strijdom